Monday, August 18, 2014

The Bowler Hat

So, I decided to look more into the bowler hat and what it symbolizes and such and found a paper-'s%20Hats%20final.pdf - on different hat styles and the social stigmas attached to them. Apparently the bowler hat was initially designed for "power dressing," making it a hat that was intended for fairly rigorous labor and everyday use. This hat became extremely associated with the average man - hence why Charlie Chapman was so relatable to the average movie-goers. Since this hat was intended for more rigorous "manly" labor, the fact that the hat Sabina wears is a bowler hat really reinforces the idea that she is in fact an equal when engaging in coital activities with Tomas. I still like my connection with the bowler hat and Oedipus since it is worn during intercourse and it was her father's since Oedipus is a recurring motif throughout this entire story; however, I think its connection to Sabina's progressive nature is much more prevalent.


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