Friday, August 22, 2014

Warning May Sound Ridiculous: Thoughts on Nietzsche’s Eternal Return

While thinking back to our in class discussion on eternal return, I managed to give myself the most massive headache I had ever experienced. The headache stemmed not from the idea that we experience the same things over and over again for the rest of time (somehow...), but rather from the thought of how we experience one life repeatedly. Does each individual simply live to their allotted age, as decided for them by the creator, then wait for the world to be reborn in fire and, perhaps, start again exactly the way it had begun before? Or do we live the same life over and over without realizing it because we are simultaneously living the same life in a different dimension? Now I know what you are thinking, this really should have nothing to do with science fiction and how dare I compare Nietzsche’s idea to fictional situations we can often see on television. But if you think about it, is it really so impossible that there are other places that run at a time slightly off from our own, with identical people inside of them making indistinguishable decisions from our own? Are the shows on television that include parallel and identical dimensions truly nonsense, or are they unintentionally visions of what might actually be happening right now without us knowing. I would like to know what other people’s input on this may be because at this point in time, or in this dimension, or whatever I have no idea exactly how we live the same lives repeatedly according to Nietzsche’s eternal return.

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Sri Korrapati said...

If we did live the same life over and over, than there has to be a mechanism. I watched this video one day where they said that the universe was just a mass of particles that exploded by "chance." Some scientists theorize that the universe one day will condense back into this mass of particles. Black holes suck in matter and just get bigger and bigger. Some scientists theorize that in the beginning, all matter was in the form of a black hole. How does this have to do with Neitzche's idea of eternal return? Well, let's say that these scientists are correct. Could it be that our universe is part of a cycle of monotony? When all of the particles of our universe condense back into these black holes, they once again explode restarting the universe. Once again, dinosaurs will roam the earth, the pyramids will be built, and the iPhone will be invented.
This is just another possibility. I like your theory of multiple dimensions. There could be a forth, fifth, and sixth dimension that we cannot even conceive. Our "rebirths" would still be living in 3D, but completely separate.