Thursday, August 21, 2014

40 Years Later- Warsaw Invasion Video

While this video was broadcasted in 2008, I found the footage, photographs and videos to be very fascinating. This video was broadcasted on a local Russian new station, Russian Today. It provides a brief history of the invasion of the Warsaw Pact allies and gives interviews with locals and scholars. What I found surprising, was how many citizens failed to know such important history. One local brightly exclaimed "I don't know what happened here in 1968 at all". A shocking poll asked teens what Prague Spring was and 70% responded "I don't know". While many agree that the events of 1968 are past and irrelevant with growing years, it's still important to know your history. Luckily, those students haven't met Chuck Rivet, who would definitely riot if a teen was lacking in their country's history.


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Sri Korrapati said...

That's literally insane! Why on Earth would they not care about their country's oppression! That's like if we said, "Who cares about the American revolution?"
It's really interesting to think of it in terms of censorship (like what our projects are based on). They have so much freedom that they take for granted. Even my parents realize the history of one's country is important. They always tell me about what India went through when the British invaded!
I just can't fathom why they think like this!