Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Kite Runner

My independent reading book is The Kite Runner. The book is amazing, one of the best books I have ever read. It's both intriguing and educational. I'm so glad that I'm in religion this year because I understand the plot much more, especially since we recently had our unit on Islam. The book is about a boy named Amir who is best friends with a boy named Hassan. However, Hassan is also Amir's servant because he is Shi'a and Amir is Sunni. Shi'a muslims at the time were looked at as lowly creatures during the 80's in Pakistan, so Hassan was constantly bullied. One day, Hassan chases a kite down in a kite competition for Amir because Amir wants to impress his dad. As he's chasing the kite, a group of boys stops him and one of the boys, named Assef, rapes him. Amir sees Hassan getting raped but doesn't step in and try to stop the boys because he wants to impress his father by taking home the kite. This bad decision haunts Amir for the rest of his life.

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Joseph D'Amico said...

I've wanted to read Kite Runner for a while; the plot sounds really interesting. I really like novels that focus on the effects of actions rather than just the actions themselves. Since you've spoken so highly of it, I think I might read it sooner than I had planned.