Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rauschenberg and Johns

During Mrs. Quinet's lecture on Wednesday, I kept trying to pair the artists she was talking about to the artists I had learned about a few years ago in art class. After seeing photos of Rauschenberg's and John's art, I remembered how much I enjoyed learning about them. They lived together and would collaborate on the strangest pieces of art.  For example, Rauschenberg would paint on his bed or they would paint on canvases the size of entire walls. Their ridiculous thought process is amusing, but very insightful and legit. I think I like them so much because to me it sounds like they just really enjoy pissing people off! I attached this video of an interview with Rauschenberg and it exemplifies his attitude and thought process. Please watch it, it's really amusing!

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Ian Kuehne said...

I did find the interview very amusing. I can't say I get the point of the piece, though--if it's not a protest, as Rauschenberg said, and instead it's a "drawing in white space," then what is the point? If we can't see the part of it that's art (the de Kooning, which Rauschenberg refers to as such), and it's not actually a critique of art, then what does the piece convey?