Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3 Fun Facts about Beloved

In 1987 Beloved won the Pulitzer Prize.

Beloved was made into a major film in 1998. Oprah Winfrey played Sethe and Thandie Newton played Beloved.

I came up with this one myself-
Toni Morrison earned an undergraduate degree in English at Howard University and later became and English teacher their. Maybe that is why she named one of Sethe's children Howard...?


Ian Kuehne said...

Regarding your last point, I think it Howard could very well have been named for the university. Howard is probably the most famous historically black (it is still majority black) university in the country, and it was instrumental in the civil rights movements of the 50's and 60's; its alumni include many activists and politicians, such as lawyer, activist and Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall, and more controversial activists like Stokely Carmichael. Morrison was probably at least paying a tribute to the university, if there is no more subtle meaning behind Howard's name.

Amy Clement said...

Over this weekend I had the opportunity to watch the movie version of Beloved. I thought the movie was good, but I enjoyed the book much more. Even though it was pretty faithful to the book, it is, obviously, very hard to portray so many of the themes, symbols, and motifs Morrison creates in the novel.