Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slave Quilts

Here's an example of a slave quilt. I like how elaborate it is. It's interesting how creative the freed slaves were to come up with an idea like this. 


Brooke M. Hathaway said...

I agree, the use of quilts as messages for slaves was extremely creative. I don't think anyone would ever look at a random quilt hanging on a clothesline and think "they must be aiding fugitive slaves." I also think their use of songs was beyond brilliant. However, I'm still a bit confused about how the slaves knew what the codes were.

Joseph D'Amico said...

I agree completely, the quilt idea was so clever. I also really liked that activity we did in class. It would be create if we could do something like that again soon. I don't know how the slaves knew the codes either.

Amy Clement said...

Here's a link to an amazing rendition of the slave spiritual "Wade in the Water." Some say that the song gave instructions to escaping slaves so that they could find their way to freedom.