Saturday, February 22, 2014

Since we have the Humanities test on Monday, I thought that I should bring up my own family's interest in African art. My mother's favorite style of art is actually African art. If you walk through my house you would notice my Mom's obsession with African art and in particular three women. I'll try and post some pictures soon. My mother's interest in three women actually comes from the fact that she has three daughters.

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Samantha Gillen said...

My mom has recently taken an odd interest in hinduism, buddhism, yoga, and meditation. Like your mom, she has been hanging up art involved with those two faiths, mostly gods and goddesses from the hindu religion. Most religions in Africa are polytheistic like hinduism and buddhism. Although, some hindus believe their is only one God and he comes to us in different forms. Hinduism in this way and in many other ways has a wide range of believers. It's crazy to think that a person could believe in only one God and another person could believe in hundreds of Gods but they could both be following the same religion, Hinduism.