Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coincidence? I think not.

I wasn't crazy when I said this piece from The Rite of Spring reminded me of the 1960 production of Peter Pan, both choreographically and musically. If you go to around the 1:50 mark of The Rite of Spring and around the .15 mark in the Tiger Lily video, the similarities are impossible to miss. 

The Rite of Spring
Igor Stravinsky

Peter Pan- Tiger Lily's Song 

I may or may not have made my theatre debut in Kehoe France's spring production of Peter Pan as Tiger Lily's second in-command in 8th grade. The character was so insignificant that I actually can't even remember the name. And yes, we preformed almost the exact choreography from the video above.

(Bonus: Miranda was the crocodile.)


Miranda Martinez said...

Not gonna lie I was obviously the star of the show.

Amy Clement said...
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Amy Clement said...

I have very fond memories of this Kehoe production. I played John, and I distinctly remember convincing the sound board operator (Julian Paz) to turn down my mic during my solo in the lullaby so no one would have to hear my screeching. But I do agree with you, Brooke, that the two are similar. Obviously Stravinsky's work was so influential that it was even emulated or drawn upon years later in children's musicals.