Monday, February 24, 2014

My Trip to South Africa

I'm going to South Africa with Kyla over Mardi Gras Break, and I am extremely excited, especially because we are in the midst of studying African literature. Kyla's dad went to college in South Africa but actually grew up in Zimbabwe, so I'm hoping to learn about the culture in both places from him. Hopefully I'll be able to learn enough from Mr. Bernberg and my surroundings to write a blog post comparing the African culture of the Igbo tribe, the culture of tribes in Zimbabwe, and the culture in South Africa. I'm sure their will be stark differences between the different places, especially because of Apartheid. It will also be interesting to see how the different societies have evolved over the years under the pressure of westernization.

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Megan Hoolahan said...

I am so jealous that you get to go to South Africa! I've always wanted to go. It's actually number 1 on my list. I hope that I can study there in college. It really has so much to offer and is so culturally diverse. Not only is it culturally diverse but also naturally diverse. There are so many opportunities to interact with nature and animals, through cage diving off the coast with sharks or joining a safari. You could also take the more luxurious route and stay in Cape Town. Every part of the country is so different. It's really hard to describe South Africa all together under one description. You could also visit more rural parts of the country and get involved with charity work. Anywhere you go in South Africa you are bound to encounter a culture that is completely different from your own. I can't wait to hear how your trip goes! Have fun!