Friday, February 7, 2014

Roaring Twenties

When we mentioned flappers in class the other day I remembered that I presented a project on the "Roaring Twenties." I attached the link to the prezi to this post. It even has a tutorial on how to dance like a flapper! While researching flappers I found a ton of hilarious slang terms also. I mentioned them in the prezi too.

Alarm Clock: Chaperone 

Bank’s Closed: No kissing 

Bean Picker: An individual who attempts to patch up trouble (i.e. picks up spilled beans)

Bee’s Knees: See “Cat’s Pajamas”
Berries: Great (i.e. It’s the berries) 

Big Cheese: an important person (originated in this period)
Blouse: Go, to go (i.e. Let’s Blouse) 

Cat’s Meow: Something highly sought after
Cat’s Pajamas: Anything good, the best, the greatest
Dapper: Flapper’s father 

Ducky: Term of approval
Dud: A wall flower 

Dudding Up: Dressing up 

Embalmer: A bootlegger
Father Time: Any man over 30 years of age
Fire Extinguisher: A chaperone 

Flapper: Girl 

Flat Shoes: A fight between a Flapper and her Goof

Fluky: Funny, different, odd 

Forty-Niner: Man who is prospecting for a rich wife 

Gimlet: A chronic bore 

Goof: Sweetie 

Handcuff: Engagement ring 

His Blue Serge: His sweetheart, his girl
Hooch: liquor 

Hopper: Dancer 

Out on Parole: A person who has been divorced 

Scofflaw: A lawless drinker of illegally made or illegally obtained liquor (coined in 1923) 

Sharpshooter: A good dancer who does not hold back while spending money 

Snake Charmer: A female bootlegger
Tomato: Good looking girl with no brains 

Trotzky: Old lady with a moustache and chin whiskers 

Weasel: Girl stealer 

Whangdoodle: Jazz music, jazz band
Whiskbroom: Man with whiskers


Miranda Martinez said...

Was this for APUSH? I remember we talked about the roaring 20's. The flappers were essentially the beginning of women saying "I don't give a damn," and breaking away from their previous image as simple homemakers (although many still were). I do admire the 20's, though, because women were more open and social than in previous decades. When I think of the 20's, I always think of The Great Gatsby. Even though the newest movie had a "few" inaccuracies, it's still an interesting representation of the 20's, and one of my favorite novels.

Amy Clement said...

I remember this from APUSH, too! It was so much fun learning all the different dances in class. I have to admit that the "bear dance" is still my favorite, though.

Joseph D'Amico said...

Great presentation! I totally remember having to do the bear dance now. I wonder if people in the future will look back and think that our slang was as ridiculous as theirs, because I have trouble picturing anyone saying "cat's pajamas" seriously.

Samantha Gillen said...

This is really funny. I look how dudding up means dressing up. I wonder if that's where we got the term "dude" from, like when guys refer to one another as dude. This is really cool kincy.

msking said...

Bee's knees and cat's pajamas are two of my all-time favorite phrases. I should have lived during the 1920s (seriously).