Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thoughts on the Eel Scene

I think Grass did a good job achieving his goal in the Good Friday chapter, as I was utterly disgusted by the eel scene. Something about eels just grosses me out, and the horse head didn't help either. After talking about the scene slowly in class, my feelings only got stronger. The symbolism of the eels was interesting and gave me a new outlook on the book, but that still didn't make a severed horse head with eels coming out any less sick. For this reason, Good Friday was probably my least favorite chapter in the book.

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Samantha Gillen said...

Good Friday was my least favorite chapter too. The imagery was repulsive. Picturing a soggy horse head with eels coming out of it is not my favorite pass time. I'm confused as to why Agnes was addicted to fish after that scene also. Another scene I wasn't to fond of was when Oskar's rented dog retrieves a finger and brings it to Oskar. I found that scene a little disturbing too.