Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Orleans vs. Macondo

The documentary that we watched in class on Friday gave me a new perspective of the culture of Macondo. I imagined Macondo's culture as less tribally oriented. Due to Garcia's focus on the family and shifting passage of time, I never had a consistent image of the Macondo culture. The best reflection of their Latin American heritage was the festival that crowned Remedios and Fernanda as queens. While I was watching the video I couldn't help myself but to compare aspects of the clips shown to aspects of similar american culture. As they crowned the prettiest girl in each town, it reminded me of beauty pageants. The dancing and festivities in the streets reminded me of Mardi Gras as people danced in costumes. I thought of my experience in a Mardi Gras court as they crowned Remedios and Fernanda queen. I was a maid in the Krew of Argus. After attending balls and wearing many frivolous costumes, I have a new appreciation for not only the history and culture of New Orleans, but Macondo also.

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Joseph D'Amico said...

That's a really good point; I never thought of it that way. I think it's really cool that you could tie in the story with New Orleans.