Monday, August 26, 2013

Art after the Holocaust in Prague

In class today we talked about this different types of self expression in Germany after the war. Many people expressed their thoughts through violent imagery or coped by recreating their experiences. This summer I went to Prague, a city in the Czeck Republic. We visited the Jewish Quarter and a very old  jewish cemetery with overlapping tombstones. This was a very moving shrine to all the people killed in concentration camps in the city. The rooms were filled with people's names written on the walls. There was a room dedicated to an art therapy program that was implemented for children as a way to cope from their experiences during the war. These children were asked to draw their homes, the camp, their fears, and their family. The drawings that stood out to me the most were the few papers of red and black scribbly demonic monsters that represented their fears. This art program helped the children cope with aftermath of the war just like the German artists mentioned in class today.

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