Saturday, November 10, 2012

To thine own self be true

On page 21 of Act 1, Polonius gives some last minute advice to his son Leartes before he leaves for France.  He said something which I thought I had heard before: “to thine own self be true.” I think that’s a famous line.  I think this resonates humanistic ideas and individualism because it suggests that you first have to have some self awareness (know who you really are and what you really want) in order to be true to yourself.  The rest of his advice is about self control and being good and just to others. I think it’s kind of interesting that he doesn't blatantly quote the bible or say something like: “remember to say your prayers,” or “Remember to go to church.”  Although his advice may have some grounds in the bible, his advice is really universal for anyone in I think any society.  Any other takes on Polonious’ advice or specifically about “to your own self be true?” 

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