Saturday, November 10, 2012


Kind of interesting the differences between the middle ages and the English Renaissance/ Elizabethan Era. I really see the most dramatic change, however, regarding the idea of revenge, an idea welcomed and obligatory, if not mandatory during the middle ages, dating back to the classical ages. During the Elizabethan Era however, revenge was wholly frowned upon, as reflected in the great care put into justifying revenge in literature and popular culture when the opportunity presented itself.

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Madeline Davis said...

(Ms. King - this was the post I emailed you about.)

After reading this, I started thinking about the viewpoint of revenge in today's culture. It kind of seems to me that revenge is viewed as a guilty pleasure. People sometimes indulge init, but usually secretively or as a taboo. I've only seen the modern view of revenge as a way of maintaing honor in movies and tv shows, but I'm sure it still happens today...just a bit more low-key.