Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hamlet Commentating on Horatio and Their Comparison

Hamlet says he likes the way Horatio is very cool, calm, and collected about things and does not jump to conclusions. He methodically thinks his way through problems and analyzes things. Hamlet sees Horatio as different from himself because he simply jumps to answers and accuses people quickly of things, whereas Horatio would take his time and figure out the real reason why someone is acting the way they are. He want Horatio to observe Claudius with him, so that he does not falsely accuse him of murdering his father.

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TSHAH said...

While I agree with you at certain points Ian as Hamlet methodically set out to revenge his father's death in a particular way, I disagree that the reason Hamlet is slow to get things done is because he "cool, calm, and collected". I think Hamlet's slow reaction time to to his tragic flaw of procrastination. Hamlet tells the ghost of his father that he is going to immediately revenge his father's death, however he takes his sweet time, and in the process ends up doing a lot more than his father had asked him to do.