Monday, January 10, 2011

Prufrock, The Underground Man, and Dante

I found this article that relates Prufrock to themes of Existentialism, The Underground Man, and Dante.
I think it's interesting that the article relates several topics that we've discussed and already studied!


Katherine said...

I like that we are able to connect all of these works and find similarities between them. I think one of the reasons we are enjoying Notes from Underground so much is because there are so many existentialist ideas. I feel like our class really enjoyed No Exit with all of the existentialist ideas, so I think this is why Dostoevsky's work is so interesting to all of us.

chrissy said...

I agree Katherine. I like all the existentialist themes in Notes from the Underground. I think The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Notes from the Underground both challenge the trivial parts of life and analyze them in great depth while presenting them in an interesting way.

Blaine said...

Dostoevky definitly incorporates many interesting existentialist ideas into the Underground Man. However, I do find it very ironic that the Underground Man considers men of action or "heroes" to be of lesser intellect. Also, throught the novel, the Underground Man spends so much time contemplating different possibilities but never acts on them.