Saturday, September 10, 2016

So College?

After reflecting on my college essay Thursday afternoon and submitting it to Ms. King on Friday, I have a surreal feeling of how close college is for the rest of the seniors and myself. It's truly crazy that after 14 years, I will no longer be an STM student after graduation in May. One thing this realization has allowed me to do is look back on all the great memories I've experienced and I can't help but describe it as bittersweet. Although this is just the first step of many in applying to colleges, I can't help but feel like it's somewhat of a beginning to an end. However, I am very optimistic and excited for the future that college entails.


Rickeia Coleman said...

I agree that the feeling of going off to college is a surreal feeling. Being one of the most quiet people in the class of 2017, I feel like I have missed out on a lot of opportunities to express myself and be a positive influence on others in my community. My college essay is based on the topic of my transitioning into adulthood. However, I steel feel like I've missed many opportunities to be a child or even a teenager. I feel I've been so reserved that middle and high school have passed me by without me ever having taken the chance to do anything in that time period. I am also optimistic and my hope for college is that I can learn to be more open to those around me.

Julia Scofield said...

Even though Rickeia is much quieter than I am, I still have the vague feeling that I, too, have missed out on opportunities to be a teenager. Although I am not quiet, I have let the stress of getting into college influence all of my decisions. This was a heavy weight over my head since the beginning of high school. Since being able to complete my common application and turn in my college essay, I feel as though that weight is being slowly lifted.

Bailey Taylor said...

I very much agree with Brooke that this is a bittersweet experience knowing that everything we do in high school now will be our last. For example, I am very upset that I will be performing in my last homecoming peprally in two weeks. Despite the fact that it will be very strange to be in a new environment after 14 years at STM, I am very excited to go to college and get a new start. I am ready to be in a much bigger school where not everyone knows everything about your personal life and rumors are not spread as easily. My hope for college is that I too can learn to be more open and experience new things.