Saturday, September 24, 2016

Masks in Plays

Part of my research for our project included looking into the role of masks in Greek theatre. In Ancient Greece, masks were often used so that one actor could portray many different roles. I think this correlates to the fact that the Athenian democracy only represented 10% of the people. Women and slaves were not represented in government, and they were portrayed in plays by men. It is weird to think that back then men played the roles of all the characters. It makes much more sense that masks are used much less often today then they were in Ancient Greece. Today women play a large part in performances as well as government.

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Julia Scofield said...

Dylan makes an interesting point here, I think that the masks that we are researching could be compared to black face. Black face is when white actors use black paint to portray Black characters. Similarly, the people in Ancient Greece used masks to portray more than one emotion and male actors were used to play females. Instead of accurately representing all people, the theatre only accurately represented those in power.