Saturday, March 5, 2016

Yoruba of the Day

When we were looking at a map of Nigeria the other day with Mrs. Quinet, I noticed "Yoruba" on the map. Eniola's mother speaks yoruba and Eniola went to school to learn it. I wasn't in the class but I know Eniola would put up a "Yoruba of the Day" every day in religion last year. Eniola is a really good friend of mine so I asked her for a phrase so I could make a post about it. She said:
o ko ni pataki ibi ti mo ti emi yoo nigbagbogbo ni re pada
"It doesn't matter where I am, I will always have your back"
I think it is interesting how people with different backgrounds can become so connected--take my friendship with Eniola, for example. I also think it is important to note how strong bonds can be even when you're so far from the other person. This just kind of reminded me of the African family traditions and strong tribal bonds we alluded to when we started talking about Nigeria and TFA.

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