Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sethe and Denver

The two relationship really interest me, because they don't seem that close. Set he tells stories to Denver, but only bits a piece, which I understand that the stories are probably painful to remember, but I feel that with your kid you could share more. The situation is not only one sided thought, Denver, as well has distanced herself from her mother. Denver is scared and always on the lookout for he mom to snap again. Denver knows that her mother is capable of murder and feels as if it is her duty to make sure it doesn't happen again. I guess I just feel bad for this mother daughter relationship that has been lessened inadvertently by slavery. 


Belin Manalle said...

I agree that Sethe and Denver do have a strange relationship. I know personally my younger sister and I love to hear stories of my mother's youth and I can't imagine how I'd feel if my mom didn't share those with me but shared them with a stranger. It would definitely hurt me. I think Sethe is wrong for opening up to Beloved so much and not opening up to Denver. Denver has always wanted to know about the same stuff that Beloved does but Sethe won't share her past unless it's Beloved asking.

madison kahn said...

I kind of feel bad for Denver when Beloved comes back and Sethe starts ignoring her. I know Sethe is just trying to explain to Beloved why she killed her, but she tried tokill Denver also, and she never makes any effort to explain the story to Denver. In fact, she refuses to tell Denver anything about her past. Denver feels isolated and ignored in her own house. It's kind of ironic that Sethe tried to kill her kids to prevent them from one type of pain, but inadvertently ends up hurting Denver throughout her childhood.

Madison Cummings said...

I definetely think that the issues in Denver and Sethe's relationship stem from Sethe's issue with her own mother. They never really had a chance to grow a relationship because Sethe was never able to see her mother. The only relationship she had with her was through her branding mark that Sethe would recognize of she was killed. This kind of made Sethe purely her mothers possession, which is why I think Sethe looks at her children as possessions.