Saturday, March 5, 2016


I saw this painting last night and it reminded me of all the art we've studied with Mrs. Quinet this year. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this painting nor do I know the name of the creator of the piece. I looked at this work and thought about how confusing and tricky it was. I wanted to think I saw nude bodies, but the not-so-defined lines threw me off. There is a lot going on in this painting and I don't know what to look at or think about first. I'm curious as to see what everyone else thinks when y'all look at this!


Jack Zheng said...

To me, this painting could be depicting nude bodies, flower petals, or a graphic representation of intermingling emotions at a life-altering moment when your entire body is shaking (do you ever get that feel when music evokes more of your emotions when you are on an endorphin rush?) Here, there are some dark colors hidden among large chunks of brighter ones, which could be interpreted as the fears that you try to suppress when you think something great could happen.

I think that a painting like this is portraying whatever you see in it. Or, this could just be a piece with the sole purpose of "lighting up" the room by giving it more lively colors.

Abbey said...

Here I am commenting on my own post again!

I've always wondered about the orientation of paintings--like how the painting was made in the way it was for a specific reason. Turning a painting upside down or having the right side be the top of the piece, for example, would evoke completely different emotions than the original intended. Take your phone or computer or whatever you're using right now to read this and flip this painting in any direction. I bet what you originally thought about this has changed and you are thinking of something new because the same thing happened to me!

Antonio Imbornone said...

When I first saw this piece I immediately thought of a cubism piece we studied earlier this year. It was Bottle and Fishes by Georges Braque, Anastasia presented it. At first glance, both paintings appear to be just a jumbled mess of colors and shapes. However, upon further inspection we are able to visualize other images within the painting. In Braque's painting, the title gives away what we are supposed to look for... (fish and bottles). The most interesting and most perpetual quality of the painting that Abbey shared is that it us allows us to make our own interpretations and find our own story line and images. Rather than using the name of the piece as a clue, we must find our own assessment of the piece. Personally I see dancing women, flowers, and frogs in the painting.

Ashley Bossier said...

To me this painting looks like a bunch of ballerinas dancing together. I imagine them all in their different color dresses dancing around forming a blob of colors. The closer I look though the more the painting looks disjointed. It could also be different types of flowers or even just colors in general. I asked my sister what she thought and she said that the first thing she saw in the painting was a monkey. She thinks it's in the bottom left hand corner. I was so confused by her statement, but we all perceive art differently. I just thought it was interesting our two different perspectives.