Saturday, February 9, 2013

Realism and modernism

The general feeling of the modernist era was that the world is dying and everyone's focus on individuality and lack of respect for society as a whole is the cause. Many of the realist pieces that we have seen reflect the pre-modern values that we see in philosophy. I don't know how much the are compared by art critics, but you can certainly see parallels between late realist art and early modernism. Do y'all see any of these comparisons? Or am I just misinterpreting something?


Linz A said...

Well, I think the late realist art started to bleed into modernism. I mean, it's not like these periods are separate and distinct. It's highly likely that there are similarities between late realism and modernism.

TSHAH said...

I agree that art movements often blend over as each new movement seems to stem from a slight modification of the last. It's the same concept with the various sects of Christianity as each new sect came to be a stricter version of the previous.