Saturday, February 16, 2013

Different versions of hell

As I was reading "No Exit" I kept thinking back to the different versions of Hell that we have come across in the literature that we have read. It is interesting to see how each version of hell varies from being mythical, to our mode vision of Hell, and to he one presented in "No Exit". "No Exit"' presented a hell that was simply like an ordinary world with a few modifications. I realize that "No Exit" is and existentialist novel which make me wonder of it influenced Sartre's depiction of Hell, given that it seems as if Sartre intentionally made his Hell simple because having a mythical factor like everyone else was not significant.

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Madeline Davis said...

Now that we know what Sartre's hell was all about, I do think he made his hell simple, but deceptively so. It wasn't the physical torture and "hellish" circumstances we would imagine when we think of traditional hells, but the likeness to real life that made Hell so human and torturous. Hell in itself was simple and planned, leaving its inhabitants to be the true torturers and live up to existentialist theory of our choices and actions dictating our lives (in this case, afterlives.)