Friday, February 22, 2013

Cubism and Futurism

I personally never liked modern art because I never knew how to look at it, but after learning more about the motives for movements like Cubism sand Futurism it makes much more sense to me. I understand what Cezanne was saying when he said all things always simplify down to shapes like circles and cylinders and other rounded figures. Also, in terms of Futurism, I recognize their enthusiasm with the future. I too see many possibilities in the future, and the Futurists simply put those feelings into art. The cubist method of disassembling various scenes and then leaving it to the viewer to interpret the art for him/herself is very engaging and interesting. It is fascinating how looking at the seeming unrelated shapes can make ones mind put them together into the form they were decomposed from.

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Ben Bonner said...

One of the biggest frustrations I have with contemporary art is that it often times doesn't seem to require much effort. For example, when we were in D.C. in eighth and we went to the modern art museum, there was one piece titled "Acryllic on Wood" and it was no more than a block of wood painted pink. In my eyes, it doesn't possess any aesthetic value, it doesn't illicit any emotions when viewing it, and I can't appreciate it on the basis of the effort it took to create - because it recquired none. I don't understand how that, or a urinal turned on its side, constitutes art.