Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weston's quest

In From Ritual to bRomance, Weston discusses the origin of the Grail story and asserts that ancient Mystery cults must been behind the story.  It seems like finding the origin of the story to pin down the story’s “character” is as difficult as it was to find the grail.  Did they find it? I have only watched the Monte Python quest for the Holy Grail. Anyway, the whole mystery around this piece of literature is like the mystery surrounding Stonehenge.  How will we ever know for sure how these things came to be? Why is it important? I’m guessing because the more you study people’s creations, the more you learn about how humans work and what makes them tick. 

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TSHAH said...

I believe the origin of a story is important in regards to the context of the story. With many of the pieces that we have read, it is easy to apply the "inside" vs "outside" argument. During our debates we learned the extent to which the meaning of the story changed based on the viewpoint we took. Hence I believe the origin of the story aids in our understanding of the story similar to the way that the author's background and historical setting are visible in the work itself.