Saturday, January 19, 2013

EUNUI: A boredom with life... and death

Ok, so I was just going over The Baudelaire Poem: To the Reader, and I discovered something interesting regarding his main focus on eunui. There is a part (which, I can unfortunately not present to you due to the fact that I do not have a copy on hand) where he might perhaps insinuate that society may even not be content with death, much less life. Once again, I'm sorry I can't provide specifics, but he essentially implies that even if those around us were to perish, we ourselves would be rendered to little or no effect, because our souls are not bold enough (perhaps to even feel sadness, or at least genuine saddness.) Actually, considering the masochist inflection we've put on this unit, I would be surprised if the society every one's been bashing would find relief from the sadness (which would be brief) they would derive from the death of someone close.  

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