Saturday, September 15, 2012

The not so divine fate.

I really must wonder how things might have played out differently had not Laius and Jocasta been revealed their fate in the first place. It would seem that fate is driven by the fear of the fated and that alone. Suppose then that there was nothing to fear. Had not Laius and Jocasta heard their fate, they wouldn't have been prompted by fear to get rid of Oedipus, who then wouldn't have heard that man say that his foster parents weren't his true parents, thereby not prompting him to see the oracles to find answers. Had that not happened, he wouldn't have heard his fate and he wouldn't have fled to escape his fate. Had that not happened, he wouldn't have come into an altercation with his true father and killed him. He then wouldn't have rose to power and married his mother hadn't there been a vacancy for  the king of Thebes. Had fate not been revealed, none of this would have happened. How could have it have happened?It would seem in this case that fate could have never succeeded had it not been for the fear of the fated. It would seem then that fate does not operate on a divine plain, but through the physiological trepidations of the future belonging to mortal beings.

...My brain hurts.

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