Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marriage in the Tin Drum

LIke Tejas posted earlier while talking about One Hundred Years of Solitude, I think that marriage/relationships is also an interesting factor in The Tin Drum.  There are many weird relationships that take place in this novel as well.  For example, both Jan Bronski and Alfred Matzerath are in love with Oskar's mother.  This leaves the reader uncertain about who is actually the true father of Oskar.  There is no true sense of faithfulness and marriage in this relationship since Oskar's mother seems to be faithful to both men.  Another example of weird relationships occurs between Oskar, Bebra, and Roswitha Raguna.  Oskar meats Raguna through Bebra and falls in love with her.  While I was reading this, it appeared that both Bebra and Oskar secretly liked Raguna.

There is clearly a lack of boundaries and faithfulness to one person when it comes to relationships in this book.  It also is a lack of morality.  Could this weird lifestyle Oskar grows up in lead to the struggles he deals with as time goes on?

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