Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Some of you may have already realized this, but i noticed that the "city of mirrors (or mirages) can also play into the cyclical pattern/theme that One Hundred Years of Solitude follows. The city of mirrors represents the town looking in on itself with no apparent change as the generations pass and as a result the repetition of the characters names serves to resemble how the characters are "stuck" in their ways because the mirrors only reflect back their faults. Macondo is also referred to the city of mirages on the last page of the book. This could represent the dream life factor that Macondo possessed as Macondo was the city founded on a new start - the city that was promised improvement with all the new influences that came in ranging from the organized religion, to new governments, party politics, and foreign interference. However, this was all just a "mirage" as Macondo was doomed to the destructive fate that was already predetermined for it due to the fact that they could never learn from their mistakes.

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