Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Could affairs have led to the Buendia family downfall?

While reviewing for tomorrow's test, the thought came to my mind about what we were talking about in class today when Ms. King mentioned the fact that most of the people with whom the Buendias had affairs with names started with a P.  One of the women who I am not sure if we mentioned was Petra Cotes.  She was the character that both Aureliano Segundo and Jose Arcadio Segundo had affairs with.  She could be added to the list with Pilar Ternera and Pietro Crespi as the lovers that were not related to the Buendia family that have names that start with P.

Also I found it interesting that affairs also in a sense led to much violence and killing amongst the Buendia family.  For example, the fighting between Amaranta and Rebeca over Pietro Crespi was possibly responsible for the death of Remedios.  Another example occurs at the end of the novel when Aureliano Babylonia is too busy having an affair with the prostitute Nigromanta to stop his son from being eaten by ants.  Once Aureliano Babilonia's son dies, this basically ends the Buendia family for good as Aureliano Babilonia dies short after himself.  I think that it is a strong possibility that the affairs that occurred throughout the history of the Buendia family could be partly responsible as well for the downfall of the family.

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TSHAH said...

I agree with Austin in terms of affairs and sexual encounters eventually leading to the downfall of the Buendia family. I found it unusual however that Aureliano Segundo's affair with Petra Cortes was a source of prosperity to the extent that they were so rich they did not even know what to do with all the excess. Despite the fact this led to Aureliano Segundo's eventual downfall, it seems to me that Aureliano Segundo was still content after he had lost everything as he even stayed with Petra after the flood. Maybe this illustrates how the Buendias do not understand the concept of marriage?