Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dante in today's world

This is the official website for the official Dante's Inferno video game. It was not rated so highly, but after checking out the website it does provide a good bit of information.
In the section "The Poem" it gives a lot of historical dates.


Ravin S said...

Yeah, that poem section has a lot of important dates. I like how the narration starts off with "Dante is the father of Italian." The fact that he wrote in his vernacular Italian told everyone in Europe that it was a language that can be used for great literature. It must have represented a shift from the traditional Greek and Latin to the more common languages of Italian, German, and eventually English. It also gave Dante's Inferno an identity connected to Italy, which was incredibly important to men of the time. Many of the things they did were for pride in their country.

Shaina Lu said...

In all honesty, I think I played this game with one of my cousins and Ellen like all the time one summer. Haha.

Anyway, to more important things, I think it is really cool that a lot of things from pop culture today, like video games, take root in traditional works. It's a shame that the game didn't get good reviews because it seems to be one of the only ones that is historically accurate, at least from what I can gather from "The Poem" section.

alyb said...

I want to add to what Ravin said. The fact that Dante used Italian showed a lot of civic pride for his country and the people. Virgil wrote the Aeneid in Latin, and that was the language that they spoke at the time. The Aeneid was ment to bolster peoples opinion of Rome and I think that Dante is trying to do the same thing with his Divine Comedy.