Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My essay topic

I would write my essay about the house as it's own character. It goes through changes as the people change. The house starts off as small just like the other houses but it becomes a mansion. This is reflective of the Buendia family's rise to power in Macando. Also, the furniture that goes into the house brings in western influence. Lastly, I would discuss that in times of poverty the house becomes decrepit and in times of wealth the house looks almost regal.


Mallory said...

I like this topic Aly. I agree with you that the house is almost its own character, and experiences some of the same changes as the people. As Macondo grows, Ursula designs a new house that grows with the village. She uses the house to keep everyone together in attempts to keep things running smoothly. With the new house, we also meet new characters like Pietro, who brings new things into the house.

sara pendleton said...

I think that in some ways the house is also kind of a metaphor for the family too. I mean continuing with what yall already said, the house goes through cycles of distruction/restoration almost totally in synche with the family. After Ursula dies the house gets into disrepair until Amaranta Ursula comes back - and theres a realitivly happy period for the family until Gaston leaves and the situaion hits the fan with the pigtailbaby. It seems like when the family starts to fall apart the house starts to fall apart with them - sometimes the charactors revitalize the family and the house and in the end the house is finally distroyed with the deaths of the last members of the family.