Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I were to write an essay...

Alright, so I guess I'll go ahead and make the first blog post of the year in response to Ms. King's question about writing an essay on One Hundred Years of Solitude.

If I were to sit down right now and write an essay, I think I would choose to analyze the characteristics and traits of each of the characters and how these play into their repeated names and relationships among each other. For example, I would describe the distinct nature of the "Aurelianos" versus that of the "Jose Arcadios" except of course for the Segundo twins. This would lead me into discussion about how most of the "Aurelianos" such as the Colonel isolated themselves from the world. Colonel Aureliano avoided forming emotional relationships such as when Ms. King mentioned that he did not even seem effected after Remedios' death. Furthermore I would discuss the boisterous nature of the "Jose Arcadios." For example, Jose Arcadio Buendia (the patriarch) exhibited characteristics distinctive to his namesake when he hot-handedly slayed Prudencio Aguilar. His son, Jose Arcadio also displayed such characteristics when he quickly ran off with the gypsies and returned with a disruptive nature and married Rebecca who was still engaged to Pietro Crespi.

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