Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If I were to write an essay...

I would write about Ursula and her many roles within the novel. Ursula in a way is the backbone of the Buedia family. She is the more level headed member of the family and counter acts Jose Arcadia's (the patriarch) free spirit. I would analyze her behavior and how she maintains a stable home for the rest of the Buendia family. This would lead me to the topic of Ursula and Jose Arcadio's love. I feel that even though Jose Arcadio is mostly isolated due to his scientific experiments and search for new things, Ursula still loves him and cares about him. Specifically when he stays out by the tree for long periods of time; she still takes the time to go out and tell him about everything that is going on the families life, and she still wishes he would help guide the family. One example of Ursula's level head is on page 13. Jose Arcadio wishes to move away from Macondo and Ursula takes charge and does what is best for the family.

If Ursula was not as strong willed as she is, I feel like the family would have fallen apart long before it did.

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alyb said...

I like your idea Mallory, Ursula definitly was the one who took care of the family in 100 years of solitude. I think if i were to write an essay on this topic i might broaden it to all of the women in the novel. For instance Amaranta, who never married, played a very similiar role to Ursula. She acted like a mother to the people even though she didnt have children, cleaned the house, and even took on Ursula's role when Ursula became old.