Thursday, September 23, 2010

"The Song of Roland"

While reading "The Song of Roland," I noticed a lot of similarities between Roland and Rama from "The Ramayana." Both protagonists are marked by extreme loyalty. Roland displays his loyalty as a warrior and subject to the Great King Charles, constantly declaring his dedication to the him. Likewise, in "The Ramayana," Rama strives to remain loyal to his father by honoring the wish for him to journey into the forest and renounce his throne. In addition, each character exhibits humility, despite their high social status.


Blaine said...

When I first read "The Song of Roland", I also observed many similarities between Rama and Roland. Roland, like Rama, is extremely loyal and brave. He feels a duty to protect his King at any cost and even when he has an opportunity to save his own life, he ultimatly sacrifices it in order to remain loyal and duteous to his king. Rama also honors his king/father and obeys him when the king tells him to give up his throne and dwell in a forest.

efabio said...

I agree that there are many similarities between these two characters. Their shared ideals of honor and duty guide their actions. Rama and Roland are both completely loyal to their respective superiors, whether it was King Charles or Rama's father. These traits are obviously being elevated in these stories, and shape both characters.