Thursday, April 13, 2017


Post-modernism differs from modernism in that it satirizes the seriousness of modernism by making use of irony. Modernism was more of a time for worshiping elite culture and acting superior and refined. Post-modernism was a reaction to this elitism and was enhanced by a more far-reaching media platform. It also carries a need for the viewer to interpret what the subject makes them feel and draw their own conclusions that differ from the ideas of others. It is less of the modernist belief in rationality and intellectualism and more of a satirical view of society.


Rickeia Coleman said...

Post modernism was a response to the close minded seriousness of modernism. Post modernism have ideas like Dada and Surrealism that like to ruin the traditional ideas of art. Post modernist art included far out ideas that often went beyond the traditional ideas of the time. People took their own meaning from art and anything you want to be art is art.

Dylan Bryan said...

Post-modernism gives a more open and free vibe. Modernism seemed very serious and at times gloomy and limited. Post modernism focused much more on the individual, and allowed more freedom. Some of post-modernist art was even considered "weird for the sake of being weird." A lot of the post-modernist art appears to not be in line with traditional art before this period, and was more a freedom of expression. I think it was an important time period where people and artists alike could simply express themselves after the stress surrounding the war.