Saturday, April 29, 2017

Earth Art

I think earth art was extremely interesting. Earth art was a unique and unconventional form of displaying art in a natural setting. Smith son and Guillbon both use landscapes, rocks, and environmental aspects to display art in outdoor settings.


Bailey Taylor said...

I didn't really like the earth art because it looked weird. The one where there was pink around the island didn't look that great to me. I don't really understand the point either because you can only see it from a satellite view

Julia Scofield said...

What I found very strange about earth art was that the artist has to get permission to create their work. They have to get a special permit to install it. Also I liked the pieces that we looked at, I don't really understand how the artists were even able to get permission to install the pieces. Some of the pieces were somewhat strange, and it seems like the local governments would not want artists to disrupt the earth in that way.

Savannah Watermeier said...

I liked the earth art. It was cool that someone would take things that are already naturally made and turn them into art. Spiral Jetty was my favorite, but that's because I like spiral things. I just wanted to walk on the spiral and feel the art under my feet. I understand why the artists needed permission. They were rearranging the earth and could've potentially harmed the wildlife. The weird pink stuff around the Miami island was unsettling. It represented pollution and looked kind of toxic.