Friday, February 24, 2017

The Appeal of Chistianity

The central theme of Things Fall Apart is the impact of Christianity and why it was effective in converting the indigenous of Africa, especially centered around the Igbo culture. The most detailed example given by Achebe is Okonkwo's son, Nwoye. Nwoye converts mainly because he does not understand why the twins that he saw in the forest must die. Also, he is greatly hurt by the murder of Ikemefuna. Both of these were because of the traditional gods of the Igbo. Instead, Nwoye is attracted to Christianity because the Christian God is a more forgiving god than the Igbo gods, who are feared by all. Nwoye, is not attracted by the logic of Christianity because concepts such as the Holy Trinity are hard to understand. Instead, he is attracted by parts such as the music and acceptance because he feels the deaths of the twins and Ikemefuna were unnecessary. Others converted to Christianity because it offered hope for improvement of the future through better education and advanced medicine.


Rickeia Coleman said...

Nwoye emotionally connected to Christianity. It finally validates his feelings that something is wrong with the current Ibo religion that kills innocents such as the twins and ikemefuna. Now is one of the outsiders in this society at least from his dad's perspective because he isn't as concerned with being a man. He is one of the people who questions the tradition of the society even if he doesn't do it openly. Many of those who feel like they don't have a place in their own Ibo tribe find Christianity appealing because it allows a place for them. People without titles, a woman who has twins, and even the untouchables all find comfort in Christianity which allows them to be who they are. Christianity is almost gift to those who feel like they have been wronged by their own Ibo people or who dislike the current tribal practices such as Nwoye.

Brooke Williamson said...

The British are able to convert so many of the Ibo people by building schools and churches which helped them learn about religion. Also, they helped them to develop their economy and get them familiar with trading as a means of earning economic benefits.

Julia Scofield said...

I wonder if as many people would have converted to Christianity if Mr. Brown we're not in charge of the church. He was very kind and forgiving towards the people whereas Mr. smith was harsh and only wanted certain people within the church. Mr. smith would not have allowed all of the outcasts and people without titles convert unless they were zealous and acted in a certain way. Therefore, the village would not have been as divided because less people would have converted.