Saturday, November 19, 2016

The art of being savage

The part that I enjoyed most about Hamlet is the wit and sarcasm of Hamlet. Throughout this whole play, Hamlet is consistent with this. His words often include double meanings that go over the heads of other characters, which makes it even more comical for the reader. One of my favorite parts is how after Hamlet stabs Polonius, he tells his mother that this murder was almost as bad as killing your husband, which is intense sarcasm directed towards his mother.


Luke Jeanfreau said...

Yeah Hamlet's sick burns honestly made the play for me. I really respect a character who can dance around his enemies with words, and Hamlet does this very well, often without anyone besides him and the audience.

Brooke Williamson said...

I agree with these opinions. I think Hamlet often jabs at the other characters with sarcasm and humor. He often is involved in conflicts with Laertes which symbolize him as confrontational.

Julia Scofield said...

His double meanings were used not only to insult the person who hamlet was having a conversation with, but others as well. When hamlet calls Polonius a "fishmonger" he is not only calling Polonius a pimp, but also implying that Ophelia, his daughter, is a prostitute. This would have not only added humor for the audience, but made hamlets madness more convincing.