Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cicero and Alexander Hamilton

Learning about Cicero reminded me a lot of one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton's number one priority was always ensuring the best for America. Hamilton wasn't perfect; he made many mistakes in his life, such as having an affair. Cicero made a few mistakes in his life too, such as executing conspirators without a trial. Both dies honorably: Hamilton died in a duel after firing his gun in the air, and Cicero willingly gave way to his assassins. Overall, both men did a great deal to further democracy in their countries.


Julia Scofield said...

Although I do not known much about our founding father, Alexander Hamilton, I do know, that his mistakes were not nearly as grave (please excuse the pun) as Cicero's. Putting people to death without trial is much more serious and final than an affair. Just because Cicero wanted to better the republic does not give him the excuse to execute anyone without trial. In a true democratic republic, everyone has the right to a fair trial.

Julia Scofield said...

Further, Cicero enacted martial law. When the government enacts martial law, all normal laws are suspended, and the people are ruled under the military governor. In this case, the people would be granted even less rights. The republic would not be restored, but further removed from the principles which it was founded on