Saturday, October 22, 2016

Architecture and art matches values

Nowadays, people don't necessarily think of architecture as a way to see the values of modern society. This is because you must look at something from the past in order to make assertions on the progression of values. Knowing this, the architecture from the times of the reign of Augustus and Trajan definitely portray the values of Roman society at that time. For example, the Ara Pacis Agustae was built under the command of Augustus and related to the total peace that he wanted under his Pax Romana. Under Trajan, the values are different in that they stress expansion and regional domination more. The most clear example of this is Trajan's column, which was located in the new forum that he had built. On this column, there are depictions of the Dacian wars that Trajan himself took part in to dominate the barbaric empire. Therefore power and strong leadership was a more important value in the reign of Trajan.


Dylan Bryan said...

I agree with Joseph. Architecture was valued much more in Ancient Rome. During Trajan's reign the architecture of the arch was utilized for aqueducts. Maybe the Romans valued architecture more because it was valued more for use in society, for example transporting water throughout the city. Today people do not realize the major advantages of architecture started way back in Ancient Rome.

Brooke Williamson said...

I think both art and architecture are important ways in which people depict societal times. Like Joseph mentioned, Trajan's column represents the war time Rome faced during the Dacian Wars. Still standing today, this work of architecture is important because it represents a time of perseverance under one of Rome's greatest leaders, Trajan. Also, another example is the Colosseum in Rome. This work of architecture was a place full of entertainment where people could enjoy more fun, relaxed pastimes. I think these two examples show a contrast in how architecture can be viewed by people and why significant statues are valued in society.

Julia Scofield said...

Julia ScofieldOctober 22, 2016 at 10:27 PM
Architecture is important not only for major works such as the coliseum or the "Ara Pacis Augustan", but for more simple things such as roads, aquaducts, and baths. These may seem simple or commonplace to us, as we have the luxury of modern technology and indoor plumbing, but to the romans, these seeming lu small feats used revolutionary technology. It is no wonder that these exansions were under Trajan. His rule focused on the expansion of Rome, bringing with it a plethora of new technology and innovation.