Saturday, May 3, 2014

Things I Love About Humanities: The Short List

  1. Almost all of the novels we've read are on the Rory Gilmore Reading List. It's on my bucket list to read the entire list. Therefore, Humanities has literally helped me come closer to achieving a life goal. 
  2. I can literally write a thesis in my sleep. 
  3. I am now 100% confident in my ability to sit through and even enjoy an "uber" lecture. Come at me, college.
  4. My speed-typing skills are now out of this world.
  5. It has been like a year-long book club. I love books. I love clubs. I absolutely love book clubs.
  6. Now, I can Prezi like it's nobody's business. 
  7. One day I can go to Louvre and sound super (somewhat) impressive.
  8. I can pretty much understand all of the literary references in Gilmore Girls now.
  9. I now know that, when in doubt, it's probably an Oedipus Complex (or some other Freudian thing). 
  10. I can start conversations with phrases like "As Fyodor Dostoyevsky would say…"

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