Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Middle Passage

Although nothing can top The Amistad and most of the stuff in this video was already taught by Mrs. Quinet today, I think parts of this video are very worthy of watching. For example, the picture where slaves were put in racks and layers was even worse then the image we saw today. Also, the video points out how human lives were exchanged for trivial things like rum, gun powder, and shells. That is just an utter shame.


christine said...

Watching videos like this and the Amistad clip that Mrs. Quinet showed us makes me cringe. Like you pointed out, the picture shown at 1:09 was extremely disturbing. Slaves were treated like worthless swine, which is incredibly sad.

Ravin S said...

I did very much want to see Amistad after we watched the one scene in class. It was very powerful and seemed like a very accurate depiction of the horrors that the defenseless Africans had to endure. It all just looks unreal to me, I don't think I could ever fathom being packed with hundreds of other people with little food or water. I can see how the characters from Beloved are so emotionally damaged.