Thursday, March 15, 2012

Atwood on Beloved

I found a really interesting book review on Beloved by a contemporary writer, Atwood. Since I did my independent study project on her last year, I was really interested in what she had to say. My favorite part of her review is when she explains about Beloved's ghost. I like how she clarifies that the ghost is not there to terrify readers like the style of "Amityville Horror," but there because it is natural. The ghost is there because all the main characters believe in ghosts and the ghost is that of Sethe's daughter. I also like how Atwood points out that the ghosts helps Morrison tie in traditional folk tales and such. It's a really good critic!

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mere said...

I think this does present an interesting point. The difference between this story and a horror story is that ghosts are widely accepted by the Sethe and people of her heritage. The ghost doesn't seem angry either. It more represents a lingering sadness and disturbance over all former slaves.