Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What did you think of NOMA? What were you're favorite pieces?
See the Miró pieces, the Klee, and Braques? What about the pomo art?


Caroline said...

I loved the video of the lady although it's probably because I didn't understand it and found it extremely humorous.

puddlewonderful said...

I loved the modern and postmodern stuff. It was just so neat, all of it, so cool and interesting.

My favorite was the mirror on which the man had painted three other figures. You place yourself into the center of the painting, and the composition, with you there in the center, is really striking. You feel a whir of emotions. The artist really reaches out and touches you, the audience, with this mechanism-- there's an interaction and interplay, and just as the piece may have a personal meaning to him, so it gains a very personal meaning to each person who stands in the mirror. Your expression, your view of it, your face itself all define that work of art while you stand before it. It changes with each viewer and with each moment. I really loved it.

bballinsupasta said...

i was disappointed that the faberge egg exhibit was closed. i like the miro's that were there. i really liked the sculpture garden

Manal said...

I liked the two paintings that formed portraits by the mini portraits from the opposite portrait.I don't think that made any sense. Sorry.