Thursday, April 30, 2009

hey guyz, what do u think of this poem???

i found it on the internetz, check it out!

The epoch between cryptic Jackets
by Anonymous

Pathogenic refine,
volant horary hangman,
savagism mirage.

Cementum diktat,
egoist suasion fleahopper,
Skeltonic whizbang.

Spelunker rodman,
lupus donkeywork dispute,
crankshaft nominal.

Kindhearted ravage,
cockshut toolmaker McCoy,

Graben telegraphic,
jerky member goldbeating,
waterwheel mishap.


jp said...

What a great poem. Full of deep meaningfulness. Fulfilling content like this belongs in reputable and wildly popular publications such as the STM Lyre. Though to be fair the author of this poem could probably reach a wider audience by emailing his work to three, possibly four people.

Dean Elazab said...

This is the true visionary work of an epic poet, and i wish he could grace my life with his deep and meaningful words. The literary magazine that could contain such a poetic beast would be showered in praise and love...But oh well, the internet is good too

puddlewonderful said...

You wrote that poem, John.

Perhaps you should submit it to a more reputable and widely read literary journal? Surely they would understand the true genius contained within?

bballinsupasta said...

i really liked this poem and thought it should have been included fyi john

jp said...

Spoiler: it's a bunch of words that sound penis-related - I think I counted eight of those - woven artfully among some other random but rhythmically pleasing words.

bballinsupasta said...

you are so funny john

Anonymous said...

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