Saturday, August 27, 2016


The idea of The Unbearble Lightness of Being is interesting to me. Tomas is the perfect example of "lightness" being a burden. Because he has no attachments, he has created an elaborate system of "erotic friendships" which, while they seem like a good idea, weigh him down when he falls in love with Tereza. His lack of attachment becomes a burden to him. Tereza on the other hand is burdened by her over attachments, and must force herself to overcome them. Her extreme aversion to her body is one that plagues her throughout the novel and she must learn to become light. 

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Savannah Watermeier said...

I agree with Julia's analysis and I feel like I can add to it. Sabina also has no attachments. She enjoys "betrayal" and sleeps around with no strings attached. She even leaves Franz when he leaves his wife to be with Sabina. She doesn't want a relationship, so she moves away and never goes back to him. However, her lack of attachment doesn't weigh her down like it does Tomas. She is happy to be a free spirit. I think she is also authentic because she realizes relationships have no meaning - at least to her.