Friday, November 8, 2013

Here are some fun facts I found about Hamlet online
- The movie "The Lion King" is based off Hamlet
- Hamlet is the world's most filmed story after Cinderella
- The original Hamlet was supposed to be quite fat
- Over 200 women have played the role of Hamlet on stage. The most recent being in 2006 when a theater company in Washington produced an all-female version of Hamlet.

I find this last fun fact especially intriguing considering that women during the Elizabethan period didn't act in plays. I'm interested in how they pulled that off, a play composed solely of women, even if they have to play males' parts. I guess they just find women with really deep voices...?


Amy Clement said...

The idea of a female Hamlet sounds very engaging. The dynamics and perspective of the play would completely change. I love seeing all of the different adaptations to Shakespeare and how any little change like setting can transform it into a whole new show all together. If it's done well, I think that changing the genders of the characters is one of the most interesting changes that can be made. For my NYU directing "conversation," (I know it sounds so odd, but its an interview/audition/artistic review) one of my requirements is to choose a play, describe my vision for it (costume sketches, scene designs, etc.) and if/how I would change and adapt it from its original text. One of the shows I was considering was Master Harold and the Boys. I think it would be amazing to have an all female cast and see a whole different/added layer to the social dynamics between the characters along with all the other changes that a female cast would bring about.

Joseph D'Amico said...

Those are some interesting facts. I don't think I would have seen the connection between Lion King and Hamlet unless it was pointed out to me. I really like Lion King too; it is definitely the best Disney movie.